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One Win At A Time

Revitalization often starts with a single ministry area within the church rather than the whole church.

When we think of revitalization in regards to church, we tend to picture an older congregation being infused with young couples. Many think this is merely a process of changing leadership, marketing and culture within the local congregation.

While this may have some bearing in the macro sense, revitalization often starts in the micro, a single ministry area within the church.

I highly recommend you get an outside perspective on your situation.

Often times, you can be so close and connected to the local church that you are unable to see the obvious. Hire a coach, a denominational representative (if applicable) or a pastor that you trust to come and put “fresh eyes” onto your situation. They can help you identify a starting point.

The starting point could be the children’s ministry. If your church is in decline, you may not have many children at the moment. What is the plan in the event a family shows up with their children? You need a plan.

You can’t wish for something but then do nothing. A wish is a goal with no plan attached to it

For some churches, the thought of a developing a system for the children’s ministry may seem daunting. For these churches, the road to revitalization is going to be longer but not hopeless.

You need a win!

Maybe that “win” looks like a coat of fresh paint in the foyer. People get excited when they see vision lived out, even if it is one small step at a time.

Bigger changes are often built upon the foundation of small wins.

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