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Practice What You Preach

Sunday services are filled with information that the pastor/preacher hopes will be life-transforming for the listeners.

Sometimes, however, we find ourselves (Pastors) so busy in the day-to-day ministry activities that we aren’t doing what we tell others. More specifically, I’m talking about reaching those far from Christ and doing our part in the Great Commission.

How can we expect the church to do as we say… but not as we do? That’s called hypocrisy. It’s hard to speak authentically about something we’re not doing personally.

Some things are taught, and some things are caught.

Go out and strike up a conversation. Better yet, I pray that we would intentional

ly go to places we frequent already but with a different mindset. Instead of being goal-minded (buy groceries, drop off mail, go through a drive-through, etc.), we would take time to strike up conversations and build relationships.

Pastors ask, how can my church have a culture of outreach? It must begin with the leaders. Get outside of the church building and start conversations about life. Those conversations will switch to faith before you know it; after all, out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaks…. Right?

The next time the pastor preaches about reaching the lost, their words will carry more weight simply because they practice what they preach.


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