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4 Ways to Get More Accomplished

We all need discipline in our lives. When we look around, it may seem that some people just seem to have their act together. I mean, they are losing weight, going to the gym, and rocking their career as well as being the parent of the year! Trust me, those people weren’t always this way. They had to develop discipline in their lives.

Discipline leads to margin.

Most of us really can use margin, less stress and all the other good things life has to offer.

Use these techniques to gain the discipline necessary to control your behavior and achieve your goals:

1. Create a to-do list each day and complete it.

Create a reasonable list with the most important things highlighted. The key word here is reasonable. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself by attempting to do too much. Some people will bend the other direction – they don’t put nearly enough items on their to do list. The reality is, these folks tend to be on the lazy side of the spectrum and will never get much accomplished.

2. Determine your motivation for doing something.

One way to stay the course is to understand the value in what you’re doing. You need to know your “WHY”! Why are you doing the things you do? What’s the goal?

Going to your night class might be a drag, but if you remind yourself that you’ll ultimately become a nurse and help people, you’ll have the discipline to keep showing up.

3. Become a master at finishing.

Whatever you start, finish. Get the job done. You might feel like finishing the laundry or writing a book report tomorrow, but get it done today. So many people leave things 10% incomplete. Overcome the urge to put it off and just finish it.

4. Eliminate temptations and distractions.

Why make life harder than it has to be? Temptations and distractions can include TV, Facebook, or the numerous apps on your cell phone. Discipline is easier to exercise when there are fewer distractions. Try it for a day.. or even a week. I bet you get more accomplished.

How much more could you achieve if you had more discipline? The challenge lies in controlling yourself and developing good habits.

Discipline may be the missing ingredient in your quest for success!

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