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Staffing Your Church Plant

Two of the biggest challenges for church planters is raising a launch team and raising funds. The third most significant problem is finding staff with little to no resources. If you are moving across the country to plant, how is this even possible? Financially speaking, this doesn't make sense. After all, zero income equals zero in salaries. On top of that, you may be asking people to uproot their family, move to a new city, and get a new job to support themselves for an indefinite time. So how can this be done?

Cast vision and then cast it some more!

What is your compelling vision? There are probably numerous churches already within the area that you plan to settle. What makes your church any different? Whatever that difference, share it with everyone!

That difference makes all the difference.

What used to be unique, is no longer so, it's normal. If your vision is a cool band, lights and double screens for the visuals, well, welcome to normal. Chances are if you are planting within the USA, this is being done in your area. What makes your church plant different? Take some time and think this through.

When you get that vision download from the Lord, you are on the way!

If you have a sending church, there are probably people within that base that can be part of your leadership team. Be sure and discuss this with the sending pastor. If you are planting on your own, then it gets a bit more difficult, but still very possible. Consider using websites such as, or

Have a plan in place.

Do you know when the worship leader begin drawing a paycheck? Many folks will volunteer if there some mile markers that are built into the plan. An example may be: when the church has $______ in the monthly income after rent etc., then the lead pastor and worship leader will start drawing a salary of $______ and $______ respectively.

I have found that people will work for a cause they believe in and are passionate. They will continue leveling up if there is some incentive or light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Important side note:

Don't you dare try and steal staff personnel from other churches in the area! This mode of operation speaks of your character and if you do that, just remember the principle of sowing and reaping. Get ready because you are going to reap some drama, heartache and staff turnover.

Staff the church plant honorably. Trust that God will send you the people needed in His timing. After all, this is His church, right?

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