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You Will Never Get Healthy By Accident

I have always battled weight issues. As a kid, I was the chubby boy. As an adult I have fluctuated in my weight for as long as I can remember.

This all changed 2 years ago. I have shed over 50 pounds and 2 years later have maintained my weight. I learned of this program from some pastor friends who also had weight issues. They too lost weight and kept it off. 

This past year I decided to start coaching people with regards to their health. If you are serious about losing weight, please connect with me via email or call me and leave a message at the number above. I will reply within 24 hours.

Common Question:

Does this cost something?

Answer: Yes and No! You purchase the food and the coaching is free! I will be your coach through your weight loss journey.

Questions to Ponder:


If you continue doing what you are currently doing, where will you be health wise in one year? How much will you weigh one year from now? What would happen if you were intentional about taking back your health?

before and after.jpg

This is my before and after photos. I decided that I was going to take my health back and be healthier in my 50's than any other time in my life.

Jeff Hoglen

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